Monday, 14 May 2012

Templar Poetry Comes to Belfast!

Where would you find the following?
intimacy  surprise  recognition  a new way of looking  urgency  slantways  presence the shock of the new language  privileged glimpses sensuality texture  storytelling ingenuity depth authenticity graininess grit...
In a poetry workshop, of course. And in the coffee breaks and discussion groups...and afterwards, going home in the car...and quite possibly, for days afterwards, on the phone and in emails...
Swindon's 19th Festival of Literature Poetry Sunday was a resounding success. Now I come to think of it, one word is missing from the list - passion. There was plenty of that. We talked about how scared some teachers are, how hungry our children are, how schools are being squeezed, how all the joy and creativity is being sucked out of education and how poetry entered our bloodstreams like a virus. We talked about burning flames and carrying torches. I think we all came away from the day determined to be better ambassadors for poetry. 
And now what?
Four Templar poets are going to be giving a reading in Belfast at the end of this week:
Maggie O'Dwyer, Jane Weir, Michael Woods and Pat Winslow 

Templar's excellent managing editor, Alex McMillen will be there too. 
If intimacy, surpise, recognition, a new way of looking are words you like and if you happen to live nearby, go. You'll be richly rewarded.
 Naughton Studio
Lyric Theatre
55 Ridgeway Street
Belfast BT9 5FB
Friday 18 May 2012 8pm
£5 entry
If you live in England, don't worry. Later this year Northern Irish published poets will travel to Templar Poetry events as part of an ongoing exchange programme.
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