Sunday, 3 March 2013

Over the hill and far away....

Over the hill of Christmas and things are changing rapidly. Thanks to Arts Council England's total funding cut, my nearly seven years of fascinating and stimulating work in prisons comes to a close this spring. Truly, I have seen people grow over those years - both prisoners and practitioners. The men who have begun to turn their lives around, I admire and I wish them well. To those who are struggling - struggle on! To those who are in solitary confinement abroad, I hope the torment ends soon. I have never agreed with SC. It is a form of torture. Yes, you can expect to see me campaigning for better conditions worldwide on these pages.

So, what's looming on the horizon?  Lots more work as a funeral celebrant for the BHA - and now I'm an accredited baby namer - so if anyone out there wants a lovely welcoming and naming ceremony, get in touch. Click on the bootees to go to my BHA page.

Following on from its runaway success last year, there's Chipping Norton Literary Festival coming up , too. I'll be running a workshop on the Sunday. Click on the logo to take you to the ChipLitFest site.

Beyond that, I have plans for a new collection of poetry and the occasional arts project here and there.

Not many people know this, but I'm in a ukulele group - not that I play very well. Nothing's changed since my school days when my end of year report stated that I played and sang 'with great gusto and some tune'. Never mind, I enjoy it and it gives everyone else a bit of a laugh, I suppose.

Here's a sweet song that some of you older folk may remember. Click on the uke!

And finally, I have a new website.
Click on me mug to go to it...

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