Sunday, 21 April 2013

Some good, some bad....some more good

First the good. Poets Without Borders at the Albion Beatnik Bookshop went down very well. Thank you to everyone who came and for being such an engaging and warm audience. And thank you for buying our books!

Yes, it would be a nice idea if we went on tour, as was suggested. So, if any of you have contacts or you'd like to invite us over your way, just drop me an email.

Travel expenses would be a great help. If you think you can secure funding  even better. But do have a chat with me first. Let's see what we can do.

And now for the bad.

What a shame that the Templar Poet events got pulled at the last minute from Chipping Norton Literary Festival. This wasn't Templar Poetry's idea and certainly all the poets involved were really keen to go ahead with the workshops whether or not large numbers turned up. To those of you who booked and those who were planning to turn up at the last moment - and I know some of you had that in mind - I can only say sorry, but it was beyond our control. We take our contractual agreements, formal and otherwise,very seriously.

And now for some more good.

The Templar Poetry Pamphlet and Collection Awards deadline looms. It's 7th May. If you haven't already submitted your best poems, get them in quick.

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