Thursday, 4 September 2014

Why the World Can Not Be Quiet

So, a very nice summer for some of us.

I've done my share of swimming and cycling. I've found time to relax and be happy and share that happiness with other people. You can read about my summer in my previous blogs. Thank you, friends, for some wonderful memories and thank you to the people I'd never met before. Here's to many more holidays and bike rides.

But now I would like to profile a tireless campaigner.

Sometimes something can turn your life upside down. There are no more summers - not the kind I've been talking about, anyway. You think it can't happen to you, or to anyone who lives near you, or to anyone you know. It can't happen because it's England.

Now listen to what Hamja says:

When I worked in a high security prison it was not uncommon to come across someone who was keen to point his finger at a paedophile. The person pointing the finger  might be a rapist or a murderer. If we point the finger long enough and hard enough at someone else, no one will look at us, right? Following this 'logic', if we say human rights abuse is wrong  - and it is unquestionably wrong - our own human rights abuse will pale into insignificance. 


Think about it. Think about what you're reading in the papers and seeing on the news. Think about what you're being asked to think...

...and now think about your right to citizenship and a passport and, that most basic of human rights, freedom of speech.

I will say it again - all human rights abuse is wrong - unquestionably wrong, whoever the perpetrator is. I do not support assassinations, extra-judiciary killings, the death penalty (which is murder by another name), rape, torture, solitary confinement (which is torture by another name), sexual abuse, bombings of any kind, embargoes on medical aid, walls that stop children going to school, walls that stop people going about their business, arms sales that profit the few at the expense of many, imprisonment without trial, deportations, extraditions, extraordinary renditions and finally, the denial of freedom of speech.

Our tireless campaigners are the people who strive to keep this country - all countries - healthy. 

Support them.

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