Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Future Begins Here....

Lots of wonderful things happening at the moment. I feel very lucky to have landed two marvellous jobs and also to have been awarded a prize in the Magma Poetry Competition. I don't suppose I should publish the poem here - they should have first shout - but you can come and see me read it at Keats House this Friday if you live in London. Congratulations to all the other winners, too. Many thanks to Jo Shapcott, who was the judge, and to Magma's editor-judges.

So, my two marvellous jobs...

I have just been appointed Literary Awards Workshop Facilitator for Creative Future's new national programme. It's a privileged position for me - it always is when I am engaging with other people's creative processes.

If you want more information about the writing workshops, click here. And if you haven't heard of Creative Future, please do take some time to explore their website.

Creative Future Literary Awards has just launched this year's competition and full details can be found online. The theme is 'Impossible Things'.

I am also working with the marvellous Oxford Concert Party again. This time we're doing an inter-generational project in Oxfordshire using music and poetry as well as visual material and artefacts from the ever resourceful and inspiring Ashmolean Museum. Watch this space for future developments.

And now, here are my favourite 'impossible' things:

1) How light can be a wave and/or a particle.

2) Knitting by prime numbers.

3) The music of Urmas Sisask who has created a scale based on the trajectories of planets in our solar system.

4) This picture:

Your links:

Creative Future
Creative Future Literary Awards
Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology University of Oxford


  1. Congratulations Pat and I love the picture.

  2. Cibgratukations Pat. Really exciting, You are obviously making good things out there. wx